Image, shape and colour

You are free to choose the coiffeur you prefer.

Hairstyling tradition has been renewed thanks to personal research and the application of techniques by the best Italian and foreign coiffeurs: different styles and lengths enhance the nature of the hair and are adapted to the personality of every single client.

The finish completes the hairstyle, shaping the head to give it a unique look. Together they frame the face, to create contemporary styles, going along with the many different ways of being while, at the same time, keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Enhancing a hairstyle or a set by choosing a particular colour, adding movement to hair with waves, livening up a base with an intense colour, indulging in the “luxury” of a perfectly designed, co-ordinated image, choosing only products that promote healthy hair. For years now, we have preferred temporary water-based colour enhancers instead of oxidiser-based dyes and, by using natural henna hair colour mixed with water-based pigments, we have succeeded in obtaining a wide range of highlights that include not only red hues, but also several shades of gold, from the warmer nuances to softer ones.

Research, innovation, hair protection are the cornerstones of our corporate strategy: today we are at the forefront, succeeding in achieving excellent results even in the presence of a high percentage of white hair, as we treat them as allies, without combating them using drastic methods.

We enhance it by blending and transforming it using the golden blonde hues of children’s hair, shading it using either the Shatush technique or the hazelnut colour of autumn undergrowth.